Det bedste er ikke for godt

(Only the best is good enough)

– Ole Kirk Christiansen

A labor of love.

Our family is expanding, which meant the chance to create a new room for my 3-year old son. I really wanted to paint a special mural that would commemorate his favorite things to do in our town. So with this crazy idea, some paper, and a pen, I got to work. I interviewed my son and together we came up with a list of possible locations.

Sketching out the buildings and transferring them to the wall was by far and away the easiest part for me. When I began to paint I quickly realized how steady my hand would have to be to create the level of detail that I was going for. Frustrated, I tried painter’s tape and was thrilled at the crisp lines it produced. As you can see from the image above, I went through a ton of tape. I’m fairly certain that I could give a master’s class on creative use and application of painter’s tape after this project. Continue reading



I was going through some old files and came across this drawing that I did almost 3 years ago. It was done in about an hour and everything just seemed to fall into place with it. I titled it “Heavy” and have always been pleased with the way it turned out, which is rare for me. I usually latch on to some tiny detail that only I will ever notice and it tarnishes the memory for me. So here’s to being happy with my craft…at least this time. :)