A labor of love.

Our family is expanding, which meant the chance to create a new room for my 3-year old son. I really wanted to paint a special mural that would commemorate his favorite things to do in our town. So with this crazy idea, some paper, and a pen, I got to work. I interviewed my son and together we came up with a list of possible locations.

Sketching out the buildings and transferring them to the wall was by far and away the easiest part for me. When I began to paint I quickly realized how steady my hand would have to be to create the level of detail that I was going for. Frustrated, I tried painter’s tape and was thrilled at the crisp lines it produced. As you can see from the image above, I went through a ton of tape. I’m fairly certain that I could give a master’s class on creative use and application of painter’s tape after this project.

So, after a coat of primer, 2 coats of blue and green sky/landscape paint, 7 transparencies (to transfer the sketches to the wall), 3 jumbo rolls of tape, 19 different tubes of acrylic paint, 100+ hours and too many Diet Dews to count, here is the finished product.

View of the left side wall.

Detail of  the art museum, clock tower, Sample Gates, and Assembly Hall at my alma mater, Indiana University.

The courthouse on the square in Bloomington.

My son is a big fan of construction equipment, so he requested a huge crane.

The firehouse that we pass each day on our way to preschool and the Kirkwood Observatory since he is interested in space shuttles and the moon.

His first request was Target, which is his favorite store in the entire world. (Sounds odd for a 3-year old, but it’s true.) And Curious George flying a kite to the left.

WonderLab, a local science center for kids and some playground equipment from his favorite park.

I knew this would be a rewarding project to take on, but when he gave me a huge hug and said it was beautiful, it made it all that much more worthwhile.

12 Comments A labor of love.

  1. srilatha marru

    Hi Eric, I just cant believe my eyes. Are all the paintings done by you? Is it in with adobe illustration and paper printouts or hand paint on paper. or painted directly on wall? Get creative work I have seen so far :)

  2. Eric

    All of the paintings and drawings are hand done, then transferred directly on the wall. I basically made the walls into a giant coloring book from my sketches and filled in all of the color. Thank you very much for the nice comment.

  3. Kim

    This is absolutely incredible Eric! If the day job as CD doesn’t end up working out :)

    Are you going to open up your house now as a gallery showcase to the city?

  4. Eric

    I wish people could see it in person. There are so many little details that don’t show up in the pictures. Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot coming from an accomplished illustrator like yourself.

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