A Sharpie, a Lamborghini, & two weeks

I have been a car enthuasist since I got my first Matchbox car at the age of 2. My favorite car has always been the Lamborghini Countach LP 500S. As you can imagine when I came across the photos of a Lamborghini (although not a Countach) with a completely hand drawn paint job I was quite stunned. The level of detail is amazing and I would love to see the original sketches for the concept. Who knows, maybe it was free-handed on. It’s not like the car costs over $185,000.

The car was actually drawn on with Sharpie markers right on to the paint, then finished with clear coat for protection. It took about two weeks to complete according to the Flickr stream.

You can view more photos of this amazing piece of art here.

3 Comments A Sharpie, a Lamborghini, & two weeks

  1. gd1tho

    Wow that’s [an] awesome-looking artwork!
    I wonder what kind of car it is. Oh it’s a Lambo.
    Well then I wonder how long it took. Oh…two weeks.
    Hmm…I wonder what else I can wonder before reading the article.

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