A little bit about me

I was born and raised in the small midwest town of Huntington, Indiana. I attended Indiana University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History.

I am currently the Manager of Global Digital Products at Cook Medical in Bloomington, Indiana. I spend my work days attacking ambiguity and getting issues in a box so they can be worked through.

When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids. I also love to work on cars, play the guitar, draw as much as I can and tinker with anything electronic.

Expertise & knowledge

During my career I have been fortunate to work on a wide array of projects that have pushed me into new, and at the time, unfamiliar mediums and ways of thinking. Through this twisted journey I have gained experience not only in design, illustration, and animation, but in information architecture, project planning, user experience, and accessibility to name a few. I often wonder what I actually learned in college because I feel my education really began the day I finished.

The complexity of the web is something that has and will always keep me interested in what I do. The web is ever evolving which for me is daunting and exciting all rolled into one. I have never been more excited about what I do.