Illustration Friday: Fierce

Today my agency moved to a new office space and there was a fierce competition to decorate your moving boxes. Here are several views of my box.

Sharpie marker on cardboard.

Larger image available here.

11 Comments Illustration Friday: Fierce

  1. reg

    your officemates must be a cool bunch if you came up with something as fun as decorating your moving boxes :)

    love the spaceship thing (or city inside a glass ball?) on the last box :)

  2. kim

    You should get the gift card just for blogging this. I mean, how many others even bothered to decorate their boxes in the first place? I’m going to tell HR now. :)

  3. Liz Ramos

    Thanks for your comments, excellent job with your box!. The final result you’ve got working on a tridimensional support is really amazing. Simply fascinating.

  4. Bee

    Great looking boxes, really nice art work. A sound idea for livening up and personalising the moving process!

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