Illustration Friday: Heavy


Sometimes puppies can be heavy, especially when they need a bath.

Graphite sketch. Background texture added in Photoshop.

22 Comments Illustration Friday: Heavy

  1. Catherine

    This is very beautiful, congratulations. I love the graded tones and the contrasts you added to this drawing, very well done !

  2. Eric Shalley

    That is so true Kate. It is what got me started in art back when I was little and it is very relaxing to return to.

    Thank you for the nice comment.

  3. Bee

    This is wonderful, your drawings are beautiful and so skilful… glad you have started blogging to share them.

  4. van dyke

    Very delicate and wonderful. I like the pose of the little girl and just the indication of the water tub, to let the viewer know the story. Very appealing!

  5. SENTA

    Aww, this is so beautiful, I love it! I think this pretty much me when I was little, always toting some poor puppy around…

  6. Faruffa

    This is adorable!
    I know that there is nothing heavier than a puppy that does not want to have a bath

  7. Sherri

    Beautiful work. And there’s a great iron here. Though the image depicts weight, and the topic is heavy, your lines and use of value depicts a delicate lightness. Brilliant!!

  8. imwithsully

    You have hidden your talent from us for too long. We now know who to go to for an illustration at work :) This is beatifully drawn. You can really feel the heaviness of the doggie. And I like how you have left out the unimportant parts fading into the background.

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