Illustration Friday: Homage

M.C. Escher Homage

This is a homage that I did to M.C. Escher back in college. I have always been inspired by his work. His attention to detail, amazing precision, and complex compositions have always amazed me.

Mixed-media: Graphite sketch, colored in Illustrator, composed in Photoshop.

26 Comments Illustration Friday: Homage


    Excellent !! I have also always loved Escher’s work….I especially love your choice of color palette.

  2. Monica

    Amazing illustration, and blog as well! I’ve always love Escher’s work too, and this is a wonderful homage, both in spirit and technique.

    I really like your previous posts too, especially the one you did for “Heavy.” It’s so true!

  3. Stick

    Nice work. Escher would be proud! I’ve always been drawn to his work, probably as a result of my engineering mind.

  4. Bee

    Great choice for your homage, I’m a fan of Escher too and all those unlikely designs! Your illustration is great, nice blend of different works into a really new style.

  5. Debra Cooper

    This is an excellent piece and I really like your design work as well.

    Thanks for your comment on my piece.

  6. COBOL

    great illustration, Escher is amazing, I had a few posters of his work on my walls in my youth

  7. Catherine

    Beautiful composition ! Congratulations, it’s amazing ! I love M.C. Escher’s works too.

  8. studio lolo

    Terrific illustration to pay homage to Escher. really, really well done! I especially love the reflection of the palm of the hand on the globes.

  9. Honor Bowden

    Great homage! I remember being fascinated by his work in high school… You’ve drawn a most beautiful hand here.

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