Random doodles

I have doodled on my notebooks and in the margins of papers for as long as I can remember. Today this little dino came to life somewhere between a global conference call and lunch. I feel the need to note that I am listening and participating while I doodle. It helps me stay creatively balanced and fresh through the stresses of the day.

Every child is an artist. The challenge is to remain an artist after you grow up

– Pablo Picasso

iPad. Named well or not, I still want one.


Let me start with this: Being a tech nerd at heart, I was well aware of this “gotta have it” product Apple was developing, but I wasn’t interested. I thought for sure that I would have no use for a giant iPod touch, no matter what whiz-bang features it had on it.

I kept this opinion for about 30 seconds into the intro video for the product. I have long admired Jonathan Ive’s design work at Apple and his interpertations of Dieter Rams design work at Brauun. (I’m pretty convinced that I’d be interested in buying any product from their design portfolio.) They just look so darn good. Continue reading

Stop looking at yourself as a designer and start thinking of yourself as a deliverer of ideas

– Stle Melvr

Microsite Refresh

I recently launched a site refresh for an area hospital’s Heart Center. It is a hybrid microsite of sorts that brings together several new and innovative services all in one place. The refreshed site features new patient testimonials, a more streamlined layout, and a softer red color palette. My favorite part is that it is W3C compliant. A big thanks to our developer for taking the extra step to validate the site.

You can visit the site at heartattackcare.net

Bass lamp


Full-size custom bass guitar lamp. I built the whole thing from scratch. It is 100% oak with the exception of the strings, pickups, and volume knobs. As the pencil marking on the slide notes, this was done for an entry level sculpture class in college. I was proud to have my work included in my professor’s file of student work. That’s where I got the slide from.