From the sketchbook


I was digging through an old box of art stuff and came across some of my sketchbooks. It was like a trip down memory lane. It has also inspired me to start being more diligent about carrying my skectchbook around with me. Expect to see more sketches in the future.

This study of the back muscle structure was done during a figure drawing class in college.

Black Speedball pen on paper.

Icon Set

I recently had the opportunity to develop an icon set for use in both print and television. The icons needed to be built in a vector format, but the desired look was to feel watercolored. I expiremented with several techniques and ended up making my own vector watercolor brushes from scanned watercolor strokes. The icons are traced from my original ballpoint pen sketches. I am pleased with the results and wanted to share them.

Unk’s World-Famous Apple Butter

My wife’s uncle (Unk as they call him) makes some of the most amazing sauces, dressings, and egg noodles you will ever taste. He gives them out at family get togethers in plain canning jars with the contents labeled in marker on the lid. Not a bad system, but I wanted to suprise him with a label and logo of his own. It will be fun to see his face when we sneak these onto his creations.